Telaga Warna

A Lake Which Changes Colors



Telaga Warna, in Cisarua near the Puncak Pass, is a lake which changes colors in accordance with the natural conditions at that time. According to local legend, anyone who washes their face with water of this lake will always look younger. Studies reveal that the lake can exhibit up to seven colors. The reflection of the various colors of trees around the lake is one of the factors causing the color change. Here can be found several species of flora native to the forests of tropical mountains, such as Puspa and Kihiur as well as some lowland plants, including Paku Tiang, Rame, dan Rotan. Visitors also can see several species of wild animals, such as mammals, primates, aves, and reptiles. As for mammals there are leopards and wild boar. Protected primates in Telaga Warna include the protected Attraction in lake color is Javan grey monkey, surili , and lutung.


Opening Time :
Ticket Entry :
IDR 5000
Address :
Jl. Raya Puncak, Cisarua-Bogor
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